Brand Story

Creativity has no limits, neither does our furniture. We take spaces to the next level!
With years of industry experience, We-bright sunrise target to take care of everything of your commercial furniture requirement from start to finish.
After over 6 years efforts in providing the one-stop office furniture solution to clients globally, We gained a reputation of excellent service and high-quality work. Tired of working in identical-looking places, we sought to become known for Being Unique - and now, you can, too.

About Us

If you browse countless websites, it is still difficult to find furniture that satisfies you. I am troubled by the high price, limited variety, and uneven quality of local furniture. Wanting to customize furniture that is too expensive, difficult, inflexible, and ineffective to avoid? Looking for a stress-free and seamless decoration experience? Our one-stop home design company is your best choice!We take care of everything.
Using international certification standards of materials, Excellent technology, detail control.Within the specified time, to provide you with beautiful and comfortable furniture, for you love life to add a bright color.
Unique, diverse product styles, but we provide the most suitable and favorite products according to customers' brands and needs, for your exclusive customization and service.For office, hotel, restaurant, school and other business places to provide a full set of furniture customization and home delivery services.
Customer demand is our pursuit, we always follow the principle of customer first, give priority to customer feedback and attention, and establish a lasting and good relationship with you. our products are widely applicable, support teams of all sizes, you are welcome to join.

Our Mission

At Bright Sunrise, we supply original and functional furniture that inspires productivity and provides unmatched comfort, leading to more enhanced work environments.

Our Vision

We aim to become every organization's go-to for quality furniture that allows businesses to create beautiful, comfortable workspace and grow without limitations.